Welcome To The UAE, The Hub For Doing Business.
Kick-Start Your New Business With Rubik.

Slide Welcome To The UAE, The Hub For Doing Business.
We at RUBIC CONSULTANCY will take care of every requirement you have for your new business set-up in the UAE.
Kick-Start Your New Business With Rubik.

Experts at Rubik are always available for anything you need in the UAE.

At Rubik, we’re committed to helping you to set up a business in the UAE from start to end in a cost-effective manner. 


Our years of experience, expertise, and a large network will make your entire journey of setting up a business enjoyable and easy. 


We bring the knowledge of a highly experienced and competent team with extensive expertise in the UAE’s operational framework.

Welcome to Rubik Consultancy

What We Do At Rubik?

Business set-up in Dubai Freezone

Business set-up in Dubai Mainland

UAE Residency

Bank Account in Dubai

Real Estate Business in Dubai

Trading Business in Dubai

Tourism Business in Dubai

Cypto Trading License in Dubai

Why Rubik Consultancy?

At Rubik Consultancy; we focus on providing cost-effective, value-added solutions to Kickstart your journey as an entrepreneur.


  • You can easily register a business, but registering at the right place is the most critical step. This is where we kick in; we look at all your requirements, analyze them and then provide a customized solution that will suffice all your business needs.


  • We are a one-stop solution for all your business needs, we as a team handles each requirement professionally; we are home to some of the most skilled and highly trained Business Setup Consultants.


  • Our services include business consultancy, licensing, visa applications, multiple entry visas, crypto licensing, etc. There are many reasons to choose us, some of them are as follows:

We Understand All Your Requirements To Start A New Business In The UAE


Our team will understand all your requirements and suggest you the right jurisdiction and type of license, that will all your requirements

We will prepare a customized plan to register your new business in the UAE

Our team will prepare a customised plan for your business needs. All the details that include the cost, documents, and the process will be shared with you.

Our experts will take care of all the process required to established your business in the UAE.

We will take care of all the formalities untill you get your business license and residence visa.

Company registration in any Freezone in the UAE

When individuals and businesses try to set up their business in the UAE, they tilt towards setting up their business in the Free Zone jurisdiction. We provide Business Startup Service so that they can choose the right freezone that will meet all their requirements.


With our Business Startup Consulting service, we educate our clients to establish their business at the right place. There are more than 35 Freezone jurisdictions in the AED. We suggest the right Free zone by understanding the type of business, the size, flexibility, and availability of office space, location, and pricing.


Our personalized and professional service caters to residents and international investors interested in setting up a company in the UAE Free Zone.


We will help you identify the right specialty, choose the best free zone location, create compelling value propositions, and quickly process all the documentation and paperwork while complying with regulations.


We have helped many businesses, and we are happy to serve you with all our knowledge and deliver high satisfaction levels.

Offshore company registration in the UAE

We are the preferred agents for all three offshore jurisdictions. The offshore company is a legal business established to operate outside its registered jurisdiction or location of ownership.


These companies are created and owned by individuals or institutions. They are typically built with provisions to minimize or eliminate taxes associated with property sales, capital gains, and value-added tax (VAT).


There are many benefits of setting up offshore business in Dubai. It offers an assurance of confidentiality over ownership and includes the following benefits:

  • Stable and business-friendly legal system
  • Flexible regulatory regime and Tax neutrality
  • Protection of assets and offers a gateway to international markets.
  • Access to global funding and the entire incorporation process of offshore companies is relatively easy, quick, and simplified and can be completed in just a few days.

We are a reliable agent, and we continue to help our clients in the formation of offshore companies in the UAE. Our many years of experience in providing  Business Consultants services offer end-to-end services for offshore company formation in the UAE.

Residence visa in the UAE.

Foreigners who want to live and work in the world’s best place to live and do business. A UAE residency offers a lot of benefits. We at Rubik can help you get a residence visa with ease.


However, there are certain requirements to be eligible to get a residence visa in the UAE. To qualify for a UAE Residence Visa, you have to fall under one of the following categories:

  • Have your own Business
  • Invest or purchase a property in the UAE
  • Work in the UAE (Governmental office or a private company)
  • Study in a UAE educational institution
  • Retire in the UAE or is dependent on a UAE citizen or foreign resident


Benefits of Residence visa in UAE

  • You can open your bank account and take a bank loan (personal or car loan)
  • You have visa-free access to several countries and can apply for a driver’s license
  • Your children can attend government or private schools
  • Access to government health services and health insurance


With so many advantages, it is an opportunity to get your own visa! What are you waiting for? Call our experts at Rubik Consultancy, who will help you with the entire process of getting a residential visa.

5 simple steps to start a business in Dubai

Step 01

Discuss your requirements with our experts

Step 02

Get the right guidance and solution

Step 03

Provide all documents and make payment

Step 04

Sign the necessary application

Step 05

Your license is ready.

Our Banking Partners

We work closely with the following banks for opening bank accounts for our clients.

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There is no doubt that the entire procedure to set up your business in Dubai could be confusing, but the perks are overwhelming compared to other countries. We at Rubik Consultancy

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